2018 Winners and Honourable Mentions

Day 3: Sea
14 November 2018


Evelyn Anak Ringkai

Can you see it?

The pureness of the sea. The beautiful and majestic blue colour that we all knew and loved. The beauty that was bestowed upon us that we "cherished" so deeply. You can't see it? I wonder whose fault would that be.

The sea was constantly crying and screaming. Begging for us to stop. We all heard it. However, none of us put in any effort to listen to it. We continued to dispose of things that we no longer needed into the sea. We kept going and going until the sea was completely destroyed. It was like a garbage dump. The fact that we treat the sea and a garbage dump the same way is truly laughable. Why did we continue to do this? Because we all thought the same thing: Somebody else will take action. 

"So what if we throw garbage into the water? Somebody else will clean it up".
"So what if we spill oil into the sea? They have a campaign so they'll get rid of it".

With having this sort of mindset, we all continued to damage the sea and fill it with darkness. What people seem to have forgotten is that snowflakes can create avalanches. We were all technically working together if we really think about it.

Day after day, we told ourselves that we would stop pollution. We would save our seas. We would tell the monsters known as humans to stop abusing this beautiful gift that Mother Nature has given us. We would link our hands and work together to stop this madness. But we all knew that deep down, all of those were lies. We lied to blend in. We lied so that we looked like good people. Who we were trying to kid? The nonsense that came out of our mouths were just like those trash that we threw into the sea. 

If only we had listened. If only we had kept those promises that we made. We wouldn’t be suffering from this. If the current state of the sea is this bad, then what will become of our next generation? Will they still have clean water supply? Will they continue our legacy of stubbornness and lies? Will they suffer from our regrets and mistakes? But one thing is for certain: We were too late. It took us so long to finally realise our mistake. We were stupid and ignorant. We covered our ears and closed our eyes as the sea screamed in pain and agony. 

Can you see it? 

The filthiness of the sea. The horrible and sickening black colour that we all know and fear. The beauty that was bestowed upon us that we destroyed until nothing was left. You can see it? I wonder whose fault would that be. 

I took one last look at the sea. It was filled with trash. It was filled with darkness. It was filled with regret. It looked completely and utterly wrong. Funny. It was just like a mirror. 


Asyiqin Zailani

Everyone is scared of the sea. The waves crashing down often makes children cry in fear of being swallowed into the lethal depths of the unknown. Numerous unsolved deaths always surround the ocean, further embracing the idea of how dangerous the sea is. Yet maybe, if all of us care to pay close attention, we might realize that the sea might not be as frightening as it seems to be.


Maybe the sea is scared of everyone?


Farraige is just a sea nymph who acts like a teenager. He fights, he rebels, but he is very loyal and cares about everyone who lives in his ocean. The only plot twist here is that Farraige is quite a coward. He is shy to speak to the fishes, he hides when the dolphins come out to play, even though he yearns to join their carefree laughter. He is even too bashful to be friends with the sea turtle.


Mother Nature often guides Farraige by giving him the power to create big waves to prove to people that he is the one in charge of the ocean. However, although Mother Nature is powerful, she couldn’t help preventing the ocean from being polluted.


As the ocean becomes even more tainted by human activities such as mass fishing, littering, and gas leakages, Farraige becomes weaker and weaker. The sea creatures wanted to help Farraige, but since the pollution is affecting the sea water, they know that they also couldn’t survive for long.


Who can help Farraige and the sea creatures? The answer is simple; humans. But will humans ever help Farraige? The answer is also simple; maybe they will, maybe they won’t, but then they must remember one thing;


Those who don’t save the ocean shall die with the ocean.

Our Loss
Dylan Wong Yun Xian

I gazed out of the window as I always had for the past years. I could still remember the majestic view it had offered of the sea. It has been the only thing that could really make me feel peaceful at heart. Ever since she had passed away, this view was the only thing that could comfort me. To remember the days we spent together from happily strolling along the beach to taking the dog for a walk, those were the only happy moments I could hold on to. Every day, I would return to this same spot, wishing how things would have never changed if it wasn’t for their actions.

Everything had changed in an instant.

The first thing I knew, she was taking her usual stroll by the beach.

It had looked slightly hazy out but she figured that it could have just been the mist from the sea.

One thing had lead to the next and soon, she started having breathing difficulties.

We quickly made our way to the hospital when she fainted due to hypoxia causing shortness of breath. She had difficulties in breathing and her tissues had not received sufficient oxygen.

She was tested by the doctors and soon enough, was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Apparently, she had inhaled pollutants in the air from the factory close by. The factory had not been properly managed and no filters were installed in the chimneys.

She was only given a year to live and sure enough, she had passed a year after she had been diagnosed with cancer.

The only place where we had our best memories together was at this very beach.

But even that had been taken away from me.

The sea had never been this murky and polluted 10 years ago. Now, oil and chemicals float on the surface of the sea, tainting my memories of how beautiful this place had used to be. I had always held it close to my heart during my time with her. Now, my memories and imagery of how scenic the sea used to be started fading away. I knew that this was the place where we could enjoy each other’s presence was but it didn’t feel like it.

This place had changed.

Unfortunately, it had changed for the worst.

It had occurred to me how our own actions had lead to pollution. I couldn’t help but wonder about the amount of people grieving over the affects of our own selfish actions. To think that it had been bad enough for us, it must have been devastating to Mother Nature herself. She had suffered even after providing for mankind. To know how no one appreciates her gifts, even for a second. When no one tries to mend the holes they have created in this world. To be taken advantage of for mankind’s own good.

I started to wonder, how much longer before Mother Nature returns the favor?

Because soon, the Earth will be mankind's greatest loss.