2018 Winners and Honourable Mentions

Day 3: Sea
14 November 2018


Rowena anak Ringkai

Little Prince Pacific has always been proud of his ocean for some of the most amazing things the oceans could contain were in his reign. He had the deepest ocean trench, the Great Barrier Reef which was the longest reef in the world, the volcanic island Krakatoa and the Galapagos Islands, too.

The prince would spend his days travelling through his great body of water, admiring his seas and administering the communities that existed. Every once in a while he would stop to admire the coral reefs or the stunning blue gleam of the water, sincerely believing his ocean was unrivalled. The ocean life adored the little prince almost as much.

“What a magnificent ocean we live in,” He would say.

'Indeed, your grace,” They would agree.

“I bet the humans stare at our ocean and wish that they could live here because everything is so magical.”

It was not until recent years that the prince began noticing some changes in the seas. It began with an unfamiliar scent in the water which in some areas, grew increasingly foul that the prince would avoid going there at all. It did not help when he came across a rising amount of ocean life carcass while patrolling. His beautiful sea turtles were beginning to die at a worrying rate for reasons unknown. It would have done the prince well to seek help or investigate but he was a proud prince and refused to acknowledge the problem.

At the Royal Banquet that year, the princes of the five oceans assembled for a soirée or in other words, to gloat about their respective oceans. Little Prince Atlantic was boasting about his beautiful islands and Little Prince Indian triumphed over his Java Trench. However, when Little Prince Pacific opened his mouth to gloat about the wondrous ocean life found in Galapagos Islands, Little Prince Atlantic stopped him.

“Don’t even say it, Pacific. We all know your seas are in a mess.”

“Literally,” Little Prince Antarctic added, laughing.

Little Prince Pacific was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Your sea turtles and fishes are dying because there’s trash everywhere,” Little Prince Arctic explained.

“There isn’t trash anywhere!” The prince said heatedly.

Little Prince Atlantic sighed, feeling sorry for his friend’s naive disposition. “Look up, Pacific. It really is everywhere.”

“We call it the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!” This statement was met with a chorus of hysterical laughter from the other princes.

"-or Garbage Soup!"

"-or The Pacific Dump!"

The angry prince swam upwards to the surface of his ocean. The sight shocked him immensely. They were right, there was plastic everywhere! It was no wonder his turtles were dying, they must have mistaken the plastic for translucent fish and choked. The humans, they were to blame for this- the deaths, the stink and his embarrassment! How could they have committed this evil against his ocean and the millions of life it carries?

Now fuelled with rage, Little Prince Pacific vowed to seek vengeance against human beings.


Of wrath and regrets.
Kushaal Selvarajah

The ship rocked back and forth as the waves of the ocean slammed against its sides. I looked up and a storm was brewing. Nothing new to me, I've been doing this for as long as I can remember but something about the blowing breeze gave me goosebumps. It was probaly nothing. I waved out to the captain (who was also my dad) while pointing at the sky to give him a heads up of whats to come. Keep going he signals. Well, you're the boss. I grabbed my spear hook and walked across the deck to the other side where my colleagues are just hauling in another beautiful Antartic minke whale.

A trail of blood mixed with the salty sea was flowing out of the deep cut that was the nail in the coffin for this whale. A big smile on my face. This female whale was clearly pregnant with a calf. It's going to be another great year for the whaling festival here in Japan. Just look at the size of this whale I thought to myself as we dragged the whale to the centre of the ship deck. Just as I placed my spear down from exhaustion, thunder struck near our boat. Nothing unusual but again I felt a sudden rush through my veins.

I turned around to look for the captain, just then, at that moment, a 10 foot wave was hovering over the tail end of the ship. My heart stopped as it came crashing down onto the deck right where my father stood. The ship lifted on the other end due to the enormous pressure of the crushing waves. As I was sliding down the ship, I realized all the other vessels that was around us was gone. What was going on? Scream of terror was all I heard. I miraculously was able to grab onto the railling as I witness my colleagues falling off the ship right into the stormy waves of the ocean. One by one they were gone in a blink of an eye. I saw my dad holding on for dear life onto a pole. Right then the minke whale we had just hauled in felt onto him and along with it my dad was swallowed by the sea. I screamed in agony until I could no more.

The ship was sinking so fast. Only a few of us remained but the storm was not letting. Is this how we die? Is this the oceans way of punishing us? Was what we did really wrong? Just then I heard helicopter rotors in the distant approaching our ship. I looked up and a flimsy ladder came down from it swaying as the storm hit it.

Wrapped in towel and freezing to the bones, I looked down at the remains of the ship. "Never again will I look at you the same", I said to the sea.

Poseidon’s Creation
Sally Yong Ming

Poseidon used to be the mighty King of the Seas. Now, he was the King of Trash, literally. There was so much trash in the seas nowadays.

He sighed as he spotted a plastic bag drifting past. He massaged his temples. They just kept coming, masses after another. Humans could throw their trash into the rubbish bin. Poseidon, on the other hand, couldn’t throw trash into the rubbish bin, they would just drift away again.

“Jellyfish, jellyfish, jellyfis-”

Nora, the leatherback sea turtle was chasing a pink plastic bag.


With a gentle tug, he pulled Nora towards him and turned her head to face him.

He pointed at the pink plastic bag and said, “Plastic bag,” he then used his index finger to beckon and a jellyfish headed for Nora, “Jellyfish,”

Nora gobbled up the jellyfish happily.

“Thank you, O King of Seas,”

He just nodded and sighed.

“What is wrong, O Great One?”

“Trash. There are so many out there and more come everyday,” he shook his head, “I don’t know what to do with them.”

“Why don’t you just send a tsunami of trash to the humans? That should teach them a lesson!” the sea turtle chuckled, clicking its beak.

“Oh believe me, I have thought of that. But the trash would eventually be washed out to the sea again,”

“Maybe it’s time to annihilate humans, my King,”

“Yes….Perhaps…but the women are so beautiful….”

A few plastic bags continued to float past them, turning Nora’s attention away from Poseidon who was deep in daydream. Sensing that Nora’s attention had shifted, Poseidon followed her gaze to the green and yellow plastic bags entangled in each other. Knotted together, they somehow looked like a coconut tree.

Suddenly, the King of Seas had a brilliant idea. With a mighty haul, he started to pull together all the trash he could find. Hordes and hunks of trash started to amass, forming a gigantic ball of debris. Still, more were being hauled. He continued to force them all together, until his temple veins bulged. Nora just watched in silent horror as she witnessed how much trash there were in the oceans.

 With a tremendous heave, he thrusted the tightly-abounded ball of trash out of the water. The force was so powerful that it flattened the top part of the ball. The result revealed a somewhat flat island made from trash. He then moulded the island to have coconut trees and a beach chair. Finally, he removed all remaining water from the god-made island to make its structure stronger. It wasn’t pretty but at least it had colourful coconut trees and a decent chair.

Nora watched as the King of the Seas made his way to the peculiar island and relaxed on the beach chair he had just handmade.

“Ahh….” he sighed in content, “What do you think of my trashy island, sea turtle?”