2019 Winners and Honourable Mentions

Day 4: Water
13 June 2019


A Brief History of A Planet
Ephraim Hii Xin En

I have been here from the beginning. And I am here at the end. Or is it?

Many years ago, I watched as a planet was formed. As its initial chaos came to a halt, the planet cooled. In its development, a liquid was formed and fell as little droplets over the planet. The planet became blue.

It was a blue marble in the cold black vacuum of space. Alone, but beautiful.

Before long, something awesome happened.


It blossomed, flourished, thrived. Spread across the planet, adding green to the planet’s palette. They changed and adapted. However, they all depended on that liquid for their survival, no matter what happened.

Of course, natural disasters happened. But volcano eruptions and ice ages never managed killed off life completely.

I was happy. My rays provided warmth and light to the various lifeforms. I felt like I had a purpose. A reason to keep burning. I fell in love with this dirtball of a planet.

A little while after life started, a new form of it appeared. They built shelter. They made tools. They hunted together. They trapped animals for food. They fed those animals with plants they grew themselves.

I enjoyed watching them as they expanded and learned. They learned how to use electricity. They made complex contraptions to harness my power.

And yet… these creatures grieved me so. They fought and destroyed and enslaved each other and the world around them. They cared not about anyone but themselves. They were hellbent on conquest and power.

They built factories to get power and released many toxic chemicals into the world around them. Smog filled the air. The ground was riddled with holes for dumping trash. And worst of all, they polluted the liquid that brought them life.

Rivers and oceans cry out. The liquid is being choked and poisoned. Life, dependent on their source of the liquid, tried to fight back against the creatures. But they failed.

And so, they are running out of the lifeblood of the planet. 

But perhaps they have realized. Realized their wrongs. Decided to change.


Who am I? Simply a watcher. I have gone by many names, but all of you know me. I am your Sun.

The planet I speak of is yours. The creatures I speak of are you.

And the liquid? That is dihydrogen monoxide, H20, or as you call it, water.


Degrees Of Disasters
Tan Tzy Lynn

Rising temperatures……


0.6 Degree Celsius

The sea is getting hotter, every aquatic being can feel it. Looking at the bleached white corals, the fishes are worried. Once vibrant and colourful, protecting them from dangers but now just a memory. Their home slowly being destroyed right in front of their eyes but they can do nothing about it but feeling hopeless. How long will it take to reach the temperature to be boiled alive?


0.8 Degree Celsius 

The ocean is getting more acidic. Whales, sharks, turtles are feeling suffocated with the oxygen content in the water decreasing alarmingly. It’s not like it’s already bad enough being stuck in a body of water with rubbish floating around and layers of oil covering the surface ; unable to escape anywhere.


1.5 Degree Celsius

Drip… Drip… Drip… The ice sheets are melting. A polar bear is walking around searching for food and suddenly it falls into the icy cold water upon hearing a crack. Unable to bear its weight, the thin ice sheets had cracked itself into halves.


The polar bear tried in vain to swim and climb back up onto the ice sheets. Its limbs moving weaker and weaker each time stroking the water as it had not eaten for weeks. Humans had polluted the ocean making it more difficult to find food as fishes and seals are decreasing. The surrounding blacked out and the polar bear closed its eyes. It sunk deeper into the unforgiving icy waters, taking a peaceful slumber that lasts forever.


3 Degree Celsius

The sea levels had increased dramatically over the years. Tsunami, floods, hurricanes often happen swallowing cities. Many countries are now long gone, laying on the sea floor becoming ruins. Algae growing all over the next underwater cities. The waves lapping against the shore, awaiting the next time it devour another piece of land.


5 degree Celsius

All the water on Earth had dried up completely. The last drops of it being the tears humans shed.  

I am Red
Joel Pang Kai Chen


You will decide how my chapter ends.


I don’t look the way I used to.


The picture on the sallow and disintegrating map looked nothing like me.


“…embellished with trees, devout acolytes of a sleeping giant…”


“…life was rife: weaving trails of sparks across the effulgent surface…”


“…a never-ending ribbon, emanating peace and tranquility…”


All of them were just masquerades to conceal the unspoken truth.


My blood has run these canyons since the dawn of humanity.


I have plied through from the icy alps and rocky mountains to the desserts through scorching heat and freezing cold.


For six million years, I faced the tumultuous icy winds and tempest in order to sustain life from arid deserts, barren wastelands to fields of emerald and jade.


I lend my hand to thirteen states, and 14 million people across the desiccated west. I am not the strongest or the largest but I am the hardest working.


I let them tap me, to fuel their Mephistophelian greed, draining myself of vital liquid. I remained loyal in these earthly chains, for them. It’s what I ought to do.


People love me. Campaigns, posters, and articles all embellished with my name, how I resurrected life from nothingness. My playfulness, the way I tumble and fall, blithely frolicking, clothed with majesty. My beauty, how my ripples reflected golden light with euphony. My power. How I single-handedly built this town from nothing.


But I don’t think I can offer anymore.


I’m tired and will finally be exhausted one day. These cuts and wounds could never heal. I persevered through the pain, sawing through my body, siphoning off my vital liquid. Tied and tapped, I toiled, laying there, chained to eternal doom. It is my duty but I can’t do it any longer.


I just can’t.


Out of all my friends on this planet, I am one of the only few that no longer kisses the sea and lakes. I am also the select you that no longer greets the sky or see the light of day. My skin bore testament to my old age, adorned with multitudinous cracks. Battles to harness my soul have been won and lost.


No matter how fiercely they fight. I will always lose to them.


Use me wisely and I will sustain you. Use me as you have and I will break. Die. Perish.


I don’t feel the same way I used to.


A wadi of desiccated earth and forsaken land. Ribbons of water turned into sashes of perpetual death. Life didn’t exist anymore. My companions all left me. White lay between m cracks reminiscent of what was no longer there. I am the bed of death, no longer a spring of life.


They tried to salvage what they could and undo their malfeasances but time can never be turned.


My name is red.


I am the most endangered river on the planet.


Dear reader, it all depends on you now. Save me or leave me in the dust. You have a choice.